At Goode Animal Health Care, we pride ourselves in Goode customer service.  We strive to have our patients and their pet parents feel comfortable in our new modern facility that allows us to provide the highest standard of care.  Bribery is our favorite way of winning over our patients…plenty of treats and plenty of love and attention is always the fastest way to the heart.  We work hard to provide a clean, quiet and odor-free environment.  Minimal wait time and prompt attention are important to us.  We are about quality care, NOT volume and numbers.  We truly care about our patients and their pet parents!  They are an extended part of our families.


Dr. Goode and Cat

Dr. Goode calms a cautious kitty.

 Annual Exams:

It is important to have your pet’s health evaluated on an annual basis (bi-annually for our senior patients). By getting annual exams, we can stay on top of your pet’s health. Having regular exams can make health care less expensive in the long run. Often times we can see and prevent problems before they become an issue.

Digital X-Ray –  State of the Art:

The ultimate in x-ray capability equipment to diagnose problems, or for early detection.   This machine allows us to view images in as little as 3 seconds.  Gone are the days where we have to wait for answers.  We can now put your mind at ease and find the answers needed to treat your pet right away.  


Digital x-ray

Digital x-ray machine

Up to date knowledge and equipment to diagnose your pet’s health. We have state of the art blood analyzing equipment made by Abaxis. This equipment was developed by NASA and used in space. A close working relationship with specialists in every specialty of medicine allows accurate diagnosis and treatment. We will work to find the answer to your pet’s health needs.

 Advanced Dentistry:

Offering the ultimate in dentistry! Professional preventative dental care performed correctly. We offer dental evaluations/treatment by a veterinarian with advanced training in dentistry. Services offered…

Dental Before and After Photos

Before and after professional dental cleaning.

  • safe anesthesia
  • subgingival cleaning
  • polishing to smooth the enamel
  • antibiotic therapy to resolve gum infections
  • surgical extractions
  • bonded sealant treatment for fractured teeth
  • treatment of periodontal disease
  • * no charge follow up dental exams

Never allow anything less for your pet family members!


Caring for a Valued Customer


When having surgery performed on your companion, you want nothing but the best! We practice a safe anesthetic protocol in a clean, sterile environment that is customized for each individual patient. The surgery area is set up with state of the art anesthesia monitoring equipment, heated surgery table, as well as heated cages for recovery and monitoring. Each patient is monitored closely throughout the procedure as well as during recovery.

Geriatric Management:

It is important to manage and keep our senior companions as healthy, happy and pain free as possible. We offer comprehensive and effective long-term care and management for problems our senior patients may have such as arthritis, kidney disease, heart disease, obesity and more.

Dr. Goode with horse

Dr. Goode with his horse, Josey.


Just like with us, nutrition plays a big factor in your animal’s health and condition. Dr. Goode has a masters degree in animal nutrition and stays up to date on current research FACTS. He will help you to wade through the marketing hype and deception to make sure your pet has the best balanced diet for their needs.


Vaccinations are very important for your pet’s general health. Your pet is exposed on a regular basis to diseases and viruses that can be prevented with regular on-time vaccinations. We offer client education to help you decide what poses the most risk for your pet.

“The most expensive treatment is the one that doesn’t work.”