Super Vet – Great for Animals & Owners

“I have three pure-bred dogs and am very picky about the vet that I use. I…  interviewed Dr. Goode and his staff…the compassion and understanding that was shown when we met – made my decision. Great with the animals as well as the people. I will not be going elsewhere.”

~ Customer comment from DexKnows.com

Dr. Goode Goes Above and Beyond

Lois Goode with Maggie Melendez

Lois Goode with Maggie Melendez











I’ve known Dr. Goode for over 15 years and have seen him work on various conditions of pets. I can honestly say that he will go above and beyond what most vets will to create a wellness for your pets that works within your budget and is the most beneficial for your pet. He will always tell you different approaches, their benefits, their drawbacks, and their costs.

His knowledge wow’s other vets (seen this too) and he keeps up to date on medical break-throughs as well as utilizing any “old school” knowledge that has been shown to be more successful.

He has an easy-going manner that calms pets and makes owners feel a part of the veterinary team. You just do not find better than he and Lois as they make an awesome team. I’ll end with this: “Don’t worry, your pet is in Goode hands.

~ Debra

Finest Veterinarian Surgeon in Colorado

Dr Goode is not only an exemplary veterinarian but also one of the finest veterinarian surgeons in Colorado. I highly recommend him to anyone who truly wants the best care for their pets.

~ Roxie